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YuYu jug blue ben

YuYu jug blue ben

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Benjamin knows a lot about space and his friends are amazed by his fascinating facts. He always watches the stars before he falls asleep. He also loves animals and likes learning how to care for them.Fierce lions, speedy cheetahs and ginormous snakes do not scare Benjamin!

YuYu's snuggly Warm Worms are the friendliest bed buddies in town and ideal for keeping little fingers and toes warm and cozy all night long.

Our playful and colorful covers are easy to care for and come in a washable 100% cotton coat. Your only decision is to choose which worm is going to be your hot new friend.

Self contained shoulder strap feature!

Our worms also have a clever design feature on the back of the head. You will notice a small tear off piece of Velcro, which not only acts as a second layer or protection from little fingers but also works as a type or comfortable shoulder strap. Just gather the tail of the worm and swirl it around your shoulders and slip it into the back of the worm's head.

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