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The right wine for every occasion

The right wine for every occasion

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Dinner would not be successful without a good glass of wine. But how do you know which wine to serve? Would you rather go for a French merlot or an Italian one? And is it best to drink it cold or at room temperature? In this book, Jane Parkinson, award-winning wine author, introduces you to the world of wine in her quirky way. Start at the basics and learn how to properly store and uncork wine bottles and the latest trends in wine glasses. Then learn all about the most common grape varieties and their varieties, from pinot noir to malbec and from viognier to sémillon, discover the regions where they come from and how it affects the taste of the wine. Finally, read which wine goes best with which dish and how the seasoning and preparation of your dish can determine your wine choice.

Jane Parkinson is a young, but already renowned wine connoisseur. She is best known to the general public as a wine expert in the television program Saturday Kitchen on BBC 1. She also regularly writes for various culinary magazines and newspapers.

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