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The 6 natural panacea

The 6 natural panacea

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Why would you fill your cupboards with dozens of cleaning products, care products or cosmetics if three gems can do the same, but in a natural way? Lemon, vinegar and baking soda (also known as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate) have versatile qualities that are useful in our body care and health, but which can also be used for cooking and for the entire household. Because they are also effective, cheap and environmentally friendly - unlike many synthetic products - they deserve a place in the kitchen or bathroom cabinet! Three other extremely useful products in our daily lives complement this trio: clay, honey and salt.

This book gives a lot of practical tips, advice and remedies from grandmother's time to use these natural products every day. All of them save a lot of money and they do wonders for your own well-being and that of our planet! Alessandra Moro Buronzo is a qualified psychologist and naturopathic therapist. She is also an author, journalist and Bach flower consultant. She has already published numerous books.

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