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Pineut wine bread

Pineut wine bread


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Your sandwich is baked, with this mix for a delicious sandwich. Get started and make it a pleasant aperitif time.

Wine bread: wine and bread in one! If that doesn't make the drink complete, then we don't know anymore. And the great thing is; in a cork bowl turn it is on the table. All you have to do is add some red wine to this mix and after a maximum of an hour you serve your guests the ideal bread for the cheese board.

Vegetable Bread: A toast of brie or an egg salad cracker will never come in once you have served this vegetable bread. Drinkers will no longer settle for less. And that while it is so simple. Just add 400 grams of vegetables of your choice to this Borrelbrood mix and you're done. Opt for broccoli, cauliflower, carrot or anything else that bubbles up to you.

Focaccia: What The Focaccia! What an incredibly tasty Borrelbrood this is. Not for nothing the absolute favorite of more than 60 million Italians. The rosemary provides an absolute flavor explosion with every bite.

But ... do you really want to blow your visitors away? Then do the Italian job and pimp your focaccia with sundried tomatoes and some olives. Mamma mia what a sensazione!

Cheers ... ehhh enjoy your meal!
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