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Mr.Fitzpatrick's lemon,yuzu & turmeric

Mr.Fitzpatrick's lemon,yuzu & turmeric


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Superfood Yuzu with Turmeric: Love and Health Benefits in a Bottle.
The Yuzu fruit is combined with Sicilian lemon juice and turmeric extracts. Yuzu is a citrus fruit from the Far East and very popular in Korea and Japan. Interest in this fruit is also growing rapidly in the Netherlands, now that we have discovered how delicious yuzu is! Its sweet taste and versatility make it an ideal choice.
If you're looking for a light and refreshing drink to enjoy this summer, look no further and try Mr Fitzpatrick's Lemon Yuzu & Turmeric. This refreshing drink, diluted with water or bubbles, will quench your thirst and leave you longing for another glass.

Content 500 ml 

Pour over ice cubes for a thirst-quenching soda or use as a base to create exciting cocktails, or simply as a splash mixer. Adding it to gin or vodka is also a nice option.

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