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Meraki soap balls
Meraki Meraki soap balls Meraki Meraki soap balls

Meraki soap balls

These Meraki soap balls have a delicious mild natural scent. So bathing is a real spa experience at home.

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Meraki soap balls.

Set of 3 pieces:
1x Lavender (lavender)
1x Lemon grass (lime grass)
1x Rose (rose)

Weight 45 grams per soap ball.

The soap balls are also very decorative in your bathroom on one of Meraki's beautiful concrete trays.

About Meraki

MERAKI | Soul, creativity & love! The love of nature and Scandinavian design are at the forefront of the Danish lifestyle and skincare brand Meraki.

The products of Meraki are pure and do not deliver parabens, no dyes, no hormone disrupting substances and 100% organic oils.

The product line of Meraki includes besides scented candles, care products, bathroom textiles hand soap ... With Meraki you create your own spa at home!

All packaging has a luxurious and Scandinavian appearance. The ingredients are pure and simple.
Only mild ingredients and 100% natural oils are used.
The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials

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