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216 questions and assignments.

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Kletspocket is a booklet with 216 crazy questions and crazy assignments. Put it in your bag, you always have something to chat with you. On the way in the car or train, during a dinner with friends or family, on a terrace in the sun.

A number of questions and assignments

  • Do you remember where you pasted your last patch?
  • Imagine. You have to choose a pet, but you get 100 of them. Which pet do you choose?
  • Challenge. Huppel backwards.
  • Would you let your hands stick together for a full day for 1000 euros?
  • Challenge. Move as many muscles in your face for 10 seconds.
  • Picture the word (walrus). You can not talk. Does it take long to guess? Then give a hint. Hint 1. Call: Animal. Hint 2. Call: Tusks.
  • Choose. Becoming a bait of an amusement park, a country or the school. And what is the first decision you take?
  • Tracing. Find something that loves water.
  • Imagine. You have to take a wild animal into your home. Which animal do you choose?

Size: 16 x 11 cm, 224 pages.
Age: 6+

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