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Kenana knitters hug miss pig

Kenana knitters hug miss pig

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All our teddies are knitted in Kenya by Kenana Knitters. The Kenana Knitters project is an amazing project, empowering, helping, supporting and caring for rural Kenyan women and their children. This project provides women with simple tools and materials to spin wool and knit items at home whilst caring for their land, home and children.

Wool is sourced from local farmers, hand carded and hand spun. The wool is then soaked in a cedar extract for 4 days to moth proof it. Dyes are created using a variety of plants and vegetables found in the local area. The wool is put in a pan with these natural goodies like beetroot, dahila flowers, kei apple leaves and many more depending on the required colour. Not only does this cooking process create beautiful different colours it also pre shrinks the wool, which means if wool items are washed by hand in cool water they will not shrink.
Organic cotton sourced from East Africa (currently Tanzania) is purchased raw, hand spun and dyed with ecologically friendly dyes. The cotton comes out soft and colourful. Cotton has been pre shrank and can be washed by hand with warm water.
The Filling for the teddies is hypoallergenic hollow fiber acrylic. All to teddies have been tested and are CE approved.

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