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Kenana Knitters cuddly toy rabbit Ditsy blue M

Kenana Knitters cuddly toy rabbit Ditsy blue M

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Self-spun wool, naturally dyed with local plants, vegetables or flowers. Carefully crafted by the Kenana Knitters.


Kenana Knitters was founded in 1998 to help poor rural women with a much needed income. The women earn this income in two ways: by selling the wool of their sheep and by knitting stuffed animals, bedspreads and other products. Kenana is now a worldwide success. An increasing group of women is thus assured of an income, because every finished cuddly toy is personally signed by the knitter and paid immediately!

100% natural

Kenana attaches great importance to environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. The wool of the cuddly toys comes from the native sheep in three shades: brown, gray and cream. When a stuffed animal is painted, it is done with paint from plants and vegetables such as red cabbage and spinach. 100% natural! For the color of Rinus het Ros, carrot juice and the extract of chrysanthemum flowers are used.

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