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Hygge games game "who in the room"

Hygge games game "who in the room"


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Are you ready to find out what people really think of you?

Who in the room is urinating in the shower, who has the best radio voice and who is looking at someone else's medicine cabinet? And who needs the most time to assemble an IKEA cabinet?

Who in the room ..? is a really entertaining and fascinating game, where we compare our own image with the image that others have of us. The perfect way to learn more about yourself and your friends in a fun way! The game features over 300 embarrassing, fun and challenging questions that all start with “Who in the room…” Pick a card, read the first question out loud, let everyone think for a moment, count to three and have everyone point to the person they think it best fits the description. Are you ready for some surprises? A great game for a dinner, wine or as a nice gift for any occasion!

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