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Fair Moms rug fox
Kenana Nitters Fair Moms rug fox

Fair Moms rug fox

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This fox is guaranteed to be your child's best friend!

The rug feels soft and can also be used as a bedspread.

+ - 115 cm

The rug is handmade from merino wool. Hand spun by the solidarity company
Kenana Knitters. Kenana Knitters is committed to supporting the local community by enabling more than 500 rural Kenyan women to knit a better future for themselves and their families. Currently, Kenana supports more than 300 knitters and more than 200 spinners who spin the wool into yarn by hand using recycled bicycle wheels that have been made into spinning wheels. Knitting is ideal within the local community because it requires minimal equipment and can be done in shreds of times in the context of their daily lives.

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