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Een vriend wat is dat
Snor Een vriend wat is dat Snor Een vriend wat is dat

Een vriend wat is dat

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After Panda tumbles out of a tree, he can't remember who Squirrel is. It reminds Panda that he is his friend. But then Panda, who is obviously a bit dazed by the fall, asks what a friend is. After some thought, Squirrel comes up with the answer. "A friend is going for a walk with you. He tells you all his secrets. He hugs you when you are sad. He plays nice games with you. He helps you when you're in a mess and never lets you down. He often makes you laugh and…and…so much more!” Six new reads about Panda and Squirrel's undying friendship. With illustrations by Thé Tjong-Khing.

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