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Child-friendly cardboard saw

Child-friendly cardboard saw

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Fast, clean and safe cutting of cardboard with precision.

Makedo has searched the world for the ultimate cardboard cutting tools and we are proud to introduce the Canary brand, designed and made by Hasegawa in Japan.

We think this is the best (and safest) tool for making fast, clean cuts in cardboard. Do not take a risk with dangerous tool knives that get stuck or dangerously slip away the fine serrated edge makes excellent maneuverability possible for straight or curved cuts and makes it possible to cut up or down.

With this you can even make fine patterns and circular cuts. The rounded top with chisel edge ensures complete control over tracks and shallow perforations in cardboard. The knife is made of metal with a special non-stick coating so that the knife always stays neat and tidy from adhesive residues from tape.

Due to the Auto-Retractable function of the knife, there is even less chance of injuring yourself. You must actively operate the blade when cutting. If you do not do this, the knife will automatically pull itself into the housing.

This MINI version is also more agile and less dangerous than its bigger brother.

Great for teachers, parents and adults who work with children - a perfect addition to the child-friendly Makedo safety saw.

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