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Caduc kaart meter
Caduc Caduc kaart meter

Caduc kaart meter

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Every day we are confronted with dozens of emotions (some more pleasant than others). Giving these feelings a voice to the outside world turns out to be more difficult than expected for many. Especially when it comes to grief and pain. We want to say so much, but often don't know how. And so Catherine digs into feelings and tries to translate them into messages that touch you or can grow with you. Because we believe that valuable stories can arise exactly where you plant meaningful words.

All poems are written by themselves and valuable messages require thoughtful paper. That is why Caduc opts for a 100% tree-free type of paper made from agricultural waste (leaves, stems of crops, etc.) for its cards.

The envelopes are provided with flower seeds. They grow not only symbolically, but also literally with you during the process you are in.

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