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Birambi "I think of you"
Birambi Birambi "I think of you" Birambi Birambi "I think of you"

Birambi "I think of you"

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The most popular collection of Birambi is designed in collaboration with The Paper Press. The words are cut from 3 mm thick MDF.

Birambi was founded by two young creative girls from Utrecht with a passion for everything that is white, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing. But: the concept goes further than just minimalist products. In this digital age, messages are mainly sent via e-mail and chats, and gifts are becoming less personal. How often do you get a real birthday card? Or a spontaneous surprise in your mailbox, other than the mail from the Tax Authorities? Exactly that. That's why we go back to basics: a simple bottle mail .

All these bottles contain a personal message from the sender. In this way we want to surprise people with something small and, above all, personally. Hey, do we secretly see the first smile there? ;-)

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