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Basic cookbook for students

Basic cookbook for students

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Simple recipes for tasty, healthy and cheap dishes (so that you can survive even without your mother!)

As a student you naturally want to waste as little time, energy and money on cooking as possible. But surviving a full academic year on frozen pizza and canned sausages is also not really advisable. That is why this cookbook is exactly what you need! You will only find tasty and simple dishes for which you do not need a shopping cart full of ingredients or expensive cooking utensils. So think of classics such as vegetable soup, quiche, pasta carbonara, salad niçoise or a delicious exotic wok pan. Moreover, with this book you also learn a lot of useful cooking basics, such as:

- How do you make a dressing?
- How do you prepare broccoli or eggplant?
- How do you choose chicken or beef in the store?
- What are the ingredients that you should always have in your pantry?

Result: you eat healthy and tasty, you still have enough money left to go out with your friends, and your mother can rest assured!

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