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Amber cube

Amber cube

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The wonderfully scented scent cubes give an enchanting scent to any desired space such as in your home, shop, salon, car, wardrobe or office.
You can use an amber block as a home perfume/air freshener almost anywhere you want it to smell nice. Think, for example, of your living room, car, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, wardrobe, shop, office, salon, etc. What also smells great is if you put a little shavings from the amber block in your vacuum cleaner bag, so that the wonderful scent is spread. while vacuuming.

In your wardrobe, you can hang the scent cubes in a bag between the clothes or place them on a dish.

A small piece of an amber block can also be used in an electric scent burner, for a (quite short) intense scent experience.

The smell of the amber blocks will diminish over time, but if you scrape it off, the smell will come back more. Don't throw that shavings away, because you can still use it in your vacuum cleaner, but you can also put some of the shavings in an electric wax burner/scent burner.

Be careful because the scent block could cause stains on materials or clothing, because it contains wax, which is a bit greasy and can melt when it gets hot. So always make sure that you place the block on a dish or tray or hang it in a bag. What you also have to pay attention to is that the scent cubes are not suitable for consumption (just like a candle), so keep them away from small children.

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